S.1 E.2 - Secular Orthodoxy

In this episode we’re going to take a look at the global state of Christianity and a few challenges it's been facing in recent years. We'll also take a look into the US government's relationship with Christian doctrine and what that might mean for current and future Christians interested in holding political office or entering the marketplace.

20 minute read

Leaving Flatland - Introduction

A few days before Easter of this year, I decided to write a little something commemorating the day. I figured a short essay on the reason Christians celebrate on that day would make a nice post. While beginning to put the ideas to a mind map, however, it seemed there was something larger taking shape...

6 minute read

S.1 E.1 - Heavenly Minded

In this episode we’re going to take a look at a movie about traveling to the far reaches of space to find life as well as a surprising discovery found in an asteroid from 1998, and how those two things relate to one another when it comes to the way we approach discovery and scientific advancement.

14 minute read

S.1 E.0 - Podcast Introduction

Here's a brief introduction to the podcast. Here, I'll outline the reason for and format of the endeavor.

2 minute read


Years ago, I planned to assemble a team of folks to publish articles under a site called Mylymbo.com. The tag line for the site/brand was "Hear, Feel, React" which, I'll admit, sounds a little trite and inconsequential. Either way, I did a fair amount of writing for the site...

6 minute read

A Short Christmas Message

On Christmas day, I decided to pen a short Christmas Day message to remind myself, my family, and anyone else paying attention exactly what it is we're celebrating.

3 minute read