Podcast Introduction

2018, Jan 01    


This is Reasonable. Reasonable is a podcast addressing current events and ideas in a straight forward way which is saturated in a Christian worldview.

This is just the beginning and things will change. What will not change is a distinct fidelity to biblical truth and an aggressive tone. Reasonable doesn’t seek to elbow it’s way to the top or separate itself, but rather to add to an already existing chorus of gospel-driven content creators and commentators. This podcast will aim to convey strong truths in a persuasive and understandable way which matches the veracity of secular influencers.

We, our friends, and our families are now more than ever inundated around the clock with content - likely much of it harmful yet addictive in nature. We need to be able to analyze what’s out there and come to fully formed conclusions as to how these things relate to the Christian experience.

We cannot accept the invitation to be entertained out of our convictions - entertained out of our minds. We cannot outsource our opinions and, therefore, our decision making to elites and secular influencers who do not have our interest at heart and who’s content is often very hostile to Christianity.

Every week, this podcast will survey the events of the week, highlighting and commenting on a few of them in a way that brings to the surface the moral and theological themes at play to better inform and prepare you as you go about your everyday life and decision making.

As cable news outlets are in a steady and serious decline, we are seeing new media pop up all over the internet. New faces, new perspectives, endless entertainment - and we can be sure that, unless we remain students of scripture and conduct regular critiques of what’s going on around us, we will begin to drift in our assumptions and our affections. The world needs to hear Christians dealing thoughtfully and seriously with issues affecting not only ourselves but also those around us who may espouse different beliefs.

This meager, small podcast seeks to do all that it can to drive the overarching message of the gospel; to carefully digest the narrative that is human history through weekly analysis - calling thoughtful listeners to an honest consideration of the Christian faith and the God it serves.

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Thanks very much for your support.

I’m Don and this is Reasonable.